In line with our Corporate Vision to be a leader in transportation, diesel engines and commercial vehicles, to support our customers, and to respect the environment, Isuzu is committed to tackling the global environment as its most critical management issue, most specifically through the development of clean diesel engines. Our mission is to protect the global environment by supplying clean engines to people around the world and helping to realize sustainable societies.

While automobiles and engines are indispensable to the lives of people today, they also create environmental issues such as COs (Carbon Oxides), NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and PM (particulate matter) emissions, as well as noise pollution and vibrations that require urgent measures and solutions. Isuzu is leading the development of new technologies that will further improve the environmental advantages of diesel engines. Indeed, the ultimate aim of our R&D is to create diesel engines with a thermal efficiency equivalent to fuel cells. At the same time we are working hard to reduce PM and NOx emissions.