Isuzu Parts & Service

Reliability is everything. And nowhere is the need for reliability more important than within your Isuzu Dealer's service and parts department. The only thing that might outperform an Isuzu engine is the level of service you, an Isuzu customer, will get.

Isuzu Parts

Isuzu dealer technicians are trained to understand Isuzu engines and their components. What's more, they are dedicated to ensuring work is performed to meet stringent Isuzu standards.

Isuzu has set up a dedicated, state-of-the-art  parts warehouse and distribution complex in Brooklyn, Victoria. This location, right on the primary Western Arterial Ring Road not far from Melbourne's shipping ports, allows immediate access to road, rail and air freight depots. So parts can be shipped efficiently around Australia to meet customer requirements.

The warehouse itself employs the latest logistics technology - from efficient bar coding to computer systems that greatly enhance inventory management, parts location, order handling and freight tracking.

The long term benefits of establishing a dedicated parts warehouse and distribution system from a 'clean sheet of paper' are obvious. Ultimately a more efficient and reliable parts supply affords Isuzu operators greater peace of mind, knowing that downtime will be kept to a minimum.


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