Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the engine identification number of my engine?

Use the chart below to determine the serial number location for your engine model.

View Isuzu Industrial Diesel Engine Serial Number Location document

Engine serial numbers are also located on the EPA Emission Control Label and Injector Identification Label. Location will differ between engine models.


What Engine Oil and/or Coolant do I need for my engine?

Please refer to the Recommended Fluids, Lubricants and Diesel Fuels section in your Owner's Manual.


Requests for Owner/Service Manuals

Additional copies of Owner Manuals and Owner Supplement Manuals are available for purchase from the Parts Department of any authorised Isuzu Dealership. The contact details for any Isuzu Dealer can be found here on the website or by calling the Isuzu Customer Care Centre on 1800 035 640.


What's the fuel consumption for my engine?

Fuel consumption is given on the engine spec sheet performance charts and is measured in grams per kilowatt hours which can be used to determine approximate fuel usage for a specific application per given load and speed. Please contact your sales representative for further details.


Where is my closest dealer?

Find you dealer here on the website or contact the Isuzu Customer Care Centre on 1800 035 640