Isuzu Diesel Engines

Generator Sets

Today, in Australia, over 60,000 Isuzu diesel engines will go to work, moving goods, carving out earth and rock, pumping water, pulling ploughs as well as propelling work boats in the gulf and providing on-board power for commercial charter vessels.

Isuzu diesels power many of the world's leading diesel powered equipment and of course the market leading Isuzu trucks. In fact, Isuzu is the largest producer of industrial and commercial diesel engines worldwide.

And now Isuzu's legendary reliability in hard work applications is available in a range of Isuzu Generator sets.

There are 6 Isuzu Generator set models based on Isuzu 2, 3 and 4 cylinder gen-drive engines producing 6 to 26 kVA in single or three phase (excluding 2 cylinder) output.

All Gensets are supplied configured in single phase and can be re-configured to three phase*.

All the engines specified for use in Isuzu gensets meet the very latest global emission output standards.


  • Radiator with core guard and fan shroud
  • Donaldson air cleaner
  • Isuzu silencer with rain cap
  • Oil sump pump
  • Datakom electronic controller with remote start capability
  • Auto shutdown protection - high water temperature and low oil pressure
  • Battery box (battery not included)
  • WEG generator (excluding two pole, 3000rpm application).
  • All gensets are test-run and supplied with a test result sheet.


  • Customised single or three phase distribution board to specified requirements*
  • Galvanised fuel tank base with poly fuel tank and gauge
  • Datakom controller plus gauges for water temperature, oil pressure and hours run with remote start capability.

All Gensets are shipped with:

  • 1 x Engine owner's manual
  • 1 x Generator owner's manual
  • 1 x Exploded parts view listing
  • 1 x Engine test result sheet


Download the Genset Brochure for more information

* All works carried out in the configuration and installation of wiring must be performed by a licensed electrician.