When you’re out on the water, reliability is everything.

Reliable engines on water and land.

Over the years, Isuzu has acquired an enviable reputation for reliable marine engines. That's not surprising, considering we're one of the world's largest diesel engine manufacturers, with over 20 million engines worldwide since 1936.

Isuzu engines are manufactured and supplied for snowmobiles, excavators, mining and agricultural tractors and loaders, generator sets and auxiliary power applications. In each case, our reputation for reliability, service support, performance, fuel efficiency and emission standards are major factors.

Reliable engines all over the world.

In Antarctica, for example, Isuzu is the supplier of all diesel engines for snowmobiles and generators at Japan's South Pole research facility, where temperatures fall as low as -80 degrees Celsius. Isuzu diesels have also been selected by leading automobile manufacturers such as Adam Opel in Germany, Saab in Sweden, Renault in France, Holden in Australia and General Motors in the USA.

In the Japanese industrial engine market, Isuzu is a leader in stand-alone diesel engine sales to other companies, with more than a 50% share of Japan's markets for diesel-powered hydraulic shovels and forklifts. We're also the leading supplier of diesel engines in numerous other construction machinery fields.

In the United States, Isuzu has a growing network of over 670 authorised service dealers, while in Europe, we own the highest share in the stand-alone automotive diesel engine market with an established sales and service network for our industrial engine customers in more than 13 countries.

We're constantly striving for a technological edge, setting the pace for the industry in developing fuel efficient and low-emission yet powerful diesels. In the marine engine market, our engines are recognised for their sure-starting dependability and running cost advantages.

Reliable engines come with a reliable warranty.

As a testament to our reliability, all Isuzu marine engines come with a comprehensive two-year (or 2500 hours, whichever comes first) warranty. For even more peace of mind, our warranty on the cylinder block, crankshaft and connecting rods is three years or 3500 hours.

After all, at Isuzu, reliability is everything.


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