23 June 2015

Thousands of Isuzu diesel engines are put to work every day across the nation in a range of applications not traditionally associated with a market-leading truck brand.

The enduring qualities that have positioned Isuzu as a global leader in the development of commercial diesel engines are also increasingly finding favour in emergency services pumping applications, where reliability and performance is paramount.

“Isuzu engines have an impeccable pedigree and have been proven in a multitude of applications and operating environments over the years, and, as such, have been embraced in emergency services settings,” said Dean Whitford, Manager – Industrial and Marine Engines.

The Customer:

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is the volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organisation which has the responsibility of protecting over 3.2 million people - plus over one million homes and properties in Victoria.

The CFA operates tankers, pumpers, aerial appliances, all-terrain and rescue vehicles, hazardous materials units, mobile communications vehicles, quick attack units and protective equipment unit vans.

The Product:

The CFA’s first Isuzu water-cooled diesel powered GAAM MK300 pump unit has recently been fitted to a CFA vehicle for trials, with outstanding performance results.

As a result, approximately 40 of CFA’s fleet will be fitted with pumps supplied by GAAM Emergency Products, and powered by Isuzu Engines.

The Supplier:

GAAM Emergency Services has been supplying pumping equipment to the CFA for over 60 years.

Three years ago GAAM was searching for a reliable water-cooled diesel engine and the Isuzu engine proved to be the perfect fit.

Business Manager of GAAM Emergency Products, Mr Ian Price, said, “We introduced the diesel pump set at the Australian AFAC fire conference in 2013, and it has grown from there.

“We won the CFA Heavy Tanker contract with the 4LE2 Isuzu fitted to the GAAM MK300 pump set, and we’ve also sold a number of other Isuzu-GAAM combination pump sets to other CFA brigades.

“The major factor for us is providing our customers a reliable product, which we know we are doing when we use an Isuzu engine,” he said.

“These engines are a perfect match for our pumps, whether we use the larger 4LE2, or the smaller 2CA1 water cooled models.”

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